38 Surprise Visit


Before I moved to NYC, I spent 1.5 years living in Tennessee working at a regional theater. I met so many wonderful people there, but this story is about a fantastic actor, writer, musician, and just all around talented guy named Bobby Taylor.

Bobby is great because he is fun to work with and such a kind human being. I learned so much from him as an actor and as a person.

In 2005 , I was working a particularly grueling shift at a restaurant in Times Square, and when I turned the corner, there was Bobby. Just standing there. He was in town, and knew I was working at the restaurant, so he stopped in to say hi and check in on how I was doing.

I was ecstatic! In that moment, it was exactly what I needed. A familiar face, just stopping by to make sure I was getting along OK.

Our conversation was brief, a couple of hugs were had, and we both went about our day. My day went from being challenging to excellent, thanks to Bobby.

New York definitely felt a lot smaller that day.


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