31 Black Hole


Have you ever gotten on a subway and saw someone smoking a cigarette inside the train? It’s a really is a strange experience.

Andy and I got on a subway one night, quite a few years ago, and there was a man smoking a cigarette with an open suitcase full of magazines on the floor. Some passengers ignored him, and others couldn’t stop staring.

At times like this you wonder, “Why isn’t anyone saying anything to him, or asking him to put it out?”, and then you realize the person is most likely mentally unstable and you let them be.

As the train went along, Andy and I caught a few glimpses of the man pointing his thumb and pointer finger at other passengers and then pinching those fingers together. He would then move his fingers in the way that you would if you were pulling thread through a needle. After a few seconds, he would then throw the invisible whatever it was into his suitcase.

The man then started to cover up the magazines and closed the lid of the suitcase, and smoke some more. After a few minutes, he would reopen the suitcase and start looking for someone else to do the pinching move at.

Finally after 15 minutes of this pinching thing, Andy finally caught a glimpse of what was in his suitcase. On top of the pile of magazines was an astronomer magazine with a large illustration of a black hole on it. We could only gather that was pinching people’s souls, or whatever, and then throwing them into the black hole. Maybe it’s a stretch, but it’s the only thing that makes any sense.

When we arrived at our destination, we exited the train.

As the train pulled away,  the man found his next black hole victim, and the train disappeared into dark.


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