29 Lazy Sunday Confessions – I Fell Off A School Bus


I was so stoked to see Dave Chappelle perform at the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival. It would be the entertainment highlight of my year.

Andy and I took NJ Transit to Holmdel, NJ and there were school busses waiting to take us to the PNC Bank Arts Center. The trip was quick, and with tickets in hand we entered the fest.

It was an eventful night. A woman who cut in a massive food line got thrown out of the park after we all started chanting for them to throw her out. This is her fighting with security:


I had a couple of beers, the show was fantastic, and we boarded the school bus to get back to the train station.

The bus driver had a tip jar, and as we were leaving the bus Andy said, “We should leave him a tip. I don’t have enough cash. Do you?”

So I started opening my purse to look for my wallet.  I went to walk down the bus stairs as I did this, and I missed the step. I then proceeded hit every step with my lower back on the way down, and slid out the bus with my right leg busted behind me. I was laying on the concrete sobbing like a baby.

Andy came to my rescue as everyone stepped over me. Finally ONE person getting off the bus offered to help me up, and he and Andy got me off the ground.

The bus driver asked if I was OK, and as soon as Andy said, “Yes”, he pulled away.

Andy helped me limp to the train station, as I sobbed in pain. Everyone on the platform had seen me fall out of the bus and I was mortified as I passed their stares.

I healed in a week, but I am really hesitant to get back on a school bus especially if it’s in Homdel, NJ.


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