25 Sardski’s


Back in 2008, Andy and I decided to turn our bathroom into a shrine of all the actors who have visited our home.

In 2007, I won a framed headshot of a dear friend at a white elephant party on which he signed his name and added, “Carpe Diem. You’re Worth It”. After trying to figure out what to do with it, I thought of the NYC restaurant, Sardi’s, that places caricatures of famous people on their walks.

This sparked the Sardi’s rip-off that has now become our bathroom which I call Sardski’s. Combining Sardi’s and Uzarski. It was weird at first having all of our friends staring down at us while we went about our business, but we got used to it.

I would like to mention that in 2013 I had the group of people below over for dinner while they were on tour, and I am still missing headshots from 5 of them.

Hint! Hint! It’s not too late to send your headshot to Brooklyn and become a part of the legendary Sardski’s!





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