21 The 20 Best Search Engine Terms from My Blog


I wanted to share a list of the top 20 search engine terms that people have used and wound up at my blog this year. Most of the search terms from my blog are unknown, but these were actually recorded and tracked by WordPress .

8 of the search terms relate to THIS blog post, so if you are not familiar with Michelle Charlesworth and Amy Freeze, you can catch up.

NOTE this list contains things that are potentially offensive.

Here are the 20 best search engine terms from Countdown to a Decade:

  1. michelle charlesworth is hot
  2. michelle charlesworth’s legs
  3. michelle charlesworth on google pictures for today
  4. amy freeze hot july 2014
  5. amy freeze legs
  6. who hates amy freeze
  7. pictures of amy freeze
  8. does michelle charlesworth like amy freeze?
  9. killer roach
  10. foie gras and pickled cherries
  11. does rod steward wear a hair piece?
  12. some asshole moved out of apartment left cat behind
  13. All women must die
  14. desdona’s hubby crossword
  15. words for your zipper is down
  16. black pastor anniversary themes
  17. doctors are horrible
  18. jiggles by decade
  19. over aged mama fuckers
  20. adult diaper countdown

I really want to know more about this adult diaper countdown. Don’t you?


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