17 The Tenement Museum

On December 5th, I was lucky enough to score two tickets to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum’s Snapshot Tour.

Attendees roamed 97 Orchard Street for about an hour, taking as many pictures as we liked. I guess regular tours do not allow photography, so this was a great opportunity.

From the Tenement Museum website:  Built on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1863, this tenement apartment building was home to nearly 7,000 working class immigrants.

The apartments, abandoned as rental property in the 1920’s, were shuttered until 1988 when Ruth J. Abram and Anita Jacobson went to rent the storefront in the building and checked out the additional floors.  Over the years, some units were restored, but others have been left as they were found.

I cannot stress how awesome this museum is. If you live in NYC, or just come to visit, it is well worth the admission!

Check out some of my photos from the tour in the gallery below (*note* not all of the pictures are appearing in the preview below for some reason, but you can see them if you click through the collection):


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