12 An MTA Christmas Part 3 – Train Delays


This is part 3 of a 3 part story. For part one, click HERE. For part two, click HERE.

Delayed. Great. Just great. I wanted to scream. All I wanted was to be on my way. I needed to sleep.

The sign continued to tell us DELAYED for an hour, and I held my breath knowing it would soon change to CANCELLED.

Suddenly it started to update, and then it stopped. Instead of saying cancelled it said DELAYED LEAVING AT 1:50 pm.

The train was to have left at 10:45am, and now we would be delayed for another two hours. I was livid. I was going crazy. I wanted to rip all of my hair out and scream to the heavens. But instead I just plopped down on the floor, despondent.

If I had ever needed a hug in my life, this was the time. I was alone, exhausted, and felt like I was never going to escape the nightmare that was NYC that week. All I wanted was to arrive in Pittsburgh and see my Mom and Dad. New York was kicking my ass.

The two hours crept by, and we were finally called to board the train. I picked up that 50 pound bag and ran down the escalator as fast as I could. Once on the train, I slept for  90 minutes, and woke up when we arrived in Philadelphia.

By the time we took our 30 minute break in Philly, it was already getting dark. The train left Philly and raced through the Pennsylvania countryside.

As we were going along, I started to see snow and then in the distance. There was a house all by itself in the woods. It was decorated with colorful lights and there was smoke from a fireplace lifting from the chimney. It was magical. I smiled from ear to ear. It was finally Christmas.

It was at that moment that I knew I was going to make it home and I shed a tear of relief.

I had survived those few horrible days.

Nothing was going to stop Christmas.


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