9 Drunken Amtrak


We are traveling on Amtrak today, and I recalled the time I took the train from Pittsburgh to NYC, stuck in my seat for 9 hours.

The train to NYC leaves from Pittsburgh at 7:30am, and when I boarded, I took a window seat so I could sleep. The train had sold out that day, so I had another rider next to me.

The woman who sat next to me seemed perfectly nice, and after 30 minutes of traveling,  she walked to the café for some food. When she returned, she had half bottle of wine with her. She proceeded to down the bottle of wine, and fell asleep with her body trapping me into my seat.

I figured it wouldn’t be so bad, she would wake up at some point and I could get up to use the restroom or get food, but she kept on sleeping. Three hours later I finally decided I had to get out. I literally had to climb over her to exit the row. I bumped her with my knees and she didn’t move. When I came back with a tray of food, I almost dumped it all over her head while I was getting back into my seat. I was irate.

Around noon, she woke up and went to get some food. I ran to the restroom and returned before she did.

She returned with a pizza and another half bottle of wine. Then after finishing her food and wine, she passed out again, splayed all over our row.

I sat stuck in my seat for the next four hours, and I was ready to scream by the time we arrived.

My only savior was there was a lot of leg room.



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