6 The Rules of Curry Row


I spent my first evening in NYC on Curry Row.

I flew in that morning with way too much luggage, and a hangover.

It was a process as I found my way from JFK to Stuyvesant Town on the subway, which I had never ridden, but I made it to my friend’s apartment without any issues. After I arrived, I relaxed until we met up with some friends that evening.

The locale was the Taj Mahal Restaurant on Curry Row. If you are familiar with the area, it’s the one where a sitar player sits in the front window surrounded by colorful strands of light. The food was good, plentiful, and cheap.

After we finished, we waited for the check and it never came. After 30 minutes, we started looking for a server and we couldn’t get anyone’s attention. So we waited some more.

Nothing happened.

Wanting to leave, we threw a bunch of cash together on the table after doing some estimations, and walked out the front door.

As we walked towards 2nd Ave, we heard a man yelling and turned to see our server running after us. We hadn’t left him enough for the bill.

One of my friends was a bit gruff with him stating we had waited over 45 minutes for a bill that never came, and he had no right to run after us. The rest of us put some cash together. As we handed it over to the server he yelled at us for leaving him a terrible tip. Then he walked back to the restaurant shaking his head.

One might think not to return, but I did. Each time I went back, I just tracked my server down to pay my bill, which was always an issue. But it was worth it.

When I looked up the Taj Mahal Restaurant today, I saw it had closed. It was a great restaurant, but making it challenging for your customers to pay their bill seems counter productive.


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