5 Times Square Glory


I love New Years Eve.

I worked NYE in Times Square my first year in the city. I got paid cash to serve people who paid a lot of money for the luxury of eating and drinking inside, with the ability to use a toilet, while they waited for the ball to drop at midnight.

The restaurant overlooked Times Square so we could watch all the performances, and when it came time for the ball drop the guests got to go outside and celebrate.

Right before midnight when everyone finally  stepped outside, I sat on the window ledge of the restaurant and watched the iconic sparkling ball descend to mark the beginning of 2006.

When it hit the bottom, Times Square became a massive confetti snow globe. I have never seen anything like it. It was amazing and beautiful. The excitement was overwhelming.

Before the guests came back inside to continue the party, we all snuck into the back hallway and guzzled champagne. We performed the obligatory act of hugging and wishing each other a Happy New Year, and then got back to work.

At 4AM I left work with my friend, and walked into the mostly deserted Times Square. Inches of confetti still filled the streets.

I had finally gotten to see first hand, the magic of New Years that I grew up with. It was even better in person.

I knew then and there, this was the city for me


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