2 My Personal Bias


Yesterday I told the story of a stranger making as ass out of himself, well today I will tell you about the time I did the same damn thing.

My family and I were in the long line on W 10th Street waiting to eat Magnolia cupcakes one late summer afternoon. There was a woman standing on the corner with perfectly coiffed long blonde hair, wearing funky pants and shoes like the ones pictured above.

I looked at my mom and said, “That lady must be a stripper. Look at her shoes.”

The woman on line in front of us piped up, “No. I don’t think she is a stripper.”

I replied, “She has to be! Look at those shoes! Only strippers wear shoes like that.”

The woman said, “Maybe she likes them.”

I said, “No way. She’s a stripper.”

A few minutes passed, and the woman with the blonde hair and stripper shoes, started walking towards us. She stopped right in front of us and started talking to the woman who had conversed with me about the stripper shoes.

The stripper said, “Mom, thanks for holding our spot in line.”

My jaw dropped to the sidewalk. My parents were mortified. I was speechless.

I definitely made an ass out of myself that day.


One thought on “2 My Personal Bias

  1. I always say heels were not made for strippers (These as a prime example). Strippers (Exotic dancers) use them as they are a sexy addition to there craft. They are made for everyone. 😉

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