1 Our Time


Dreams don’t die, they just change.

In early 2006, my friend Andrew and I went bar hopping in the East Village during a snow storm. The streets were empty because of the storm and it felt like we owned the city.

We walked into a bar called Kiev and sat down to order a drink. The sole bartender, who was an older woman, came over and alerted us that it was the last night the bar would be open. They were ceasing operations at end of business, so drinks were on the house.

Andrew and I drank and made plans for the future. How we were going to make great art and live these fabulous lives as real New Yorkers.

The bartender convinced us to take a cross-country road trip that summer and we eagerly started planning it. We would camp as we trekked across the US in a rental car. It would be the best time of our lives.

Andrew and I were going places.

In the wee hours of the morning, we stumbled out of the restaurant onto the snow-covered streets. Our feet freezing in our black and white Chuck Taylors. My heart was full of excitement and drive.

We were going to make it. We were going to change the world.

Sometimes I pine for the days when I thought I could take on the world, but I am often reminded that my life is now much sweeter than anything I could have imagined back then.

Andrew and I never got around to that road trip, but there is still time.

When I moved to NYC I didn’t have a plan. I still don’t. That’s been the beauty of my experience here. For me, not obsessively concentrating on the future has left time for me to stop and smell the roses. To really love my life as it passes by.

10 years in NYC have given me a lifetime’s worth of adventure.  I overcame the threat of being chewed up and spit out. I became more open-minded. I found and nurtured love. I made art. I became an adult.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading.


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