Bonnie and Clyde


Andy and I attended a wedding a few weeks ago in Lancaster, and spent the long weekend exploring Amish Country.

Saturday started with finding Andy a barber.

We stopped by a barber shop in downtown Lancaster called The Black Comb. The windows were foggy and there was a sign on the front door that said: “By Appointment Only”. Despite the sign, Andy opened the door and walked in to see if they had room in their schedule to clean him up.

Andy said there were some incredibly hip dudes with ironic facial hair working away on their clients. It was as if they shipped The Black Comb from a Williamsburg factory, and installed it like a modular home in Downtown Lancaster.

Andy asked if they had room to fit him in, and a handlebar moustached man replied in a high voice, “By appointment only.”

Andy turned around and walked out.

There was another barber nearby so we decided to try our luck there.

When we walked in, everyone simultaneously turned around to look at us. It was like a bad Western. Andy asked the solo barber if he could fit him in, and he told us to have a seat. We sat and waited, while the guy next to us cautiously chatted us up without making any eye contact.

When it was Andy’s turn, the barber said he was a bit nervous when we walked in; nervous that we were Bonnie and Clyde types. The barber had known everyone who walked through his door for years, so he didn’t know what to expect from this wild couple.

Here comes Andy and April. Guns a blazin’. Better hand over the cashbox fools!

I was slightly offended by this. “Is that how we come off?” I later asked Andy. “Is that how people view us? Gun wielding Bonnie and Clyde types?”

I forgot about the comparison until Monday when the two teens from Kentucky, being dubbed as Bonnie and Clyde, were arrested in Florida. So I thought on it again, and I changed my mind about the barber’s comparison.

He could have referred to us as Popeye and Olive Oyl, Mickey and Minnie, or Regis and Kelly; so I appreciated the badass comparison.

I’m not interested in thievery or murder as Bonnie and Clyde were; but I will take dangerous over boring any day.


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