A one-armed German lawyer walks into an office…


We had a German lawyer visit today with whom I have conversed with over email for some time now.

I went to meet her in the lobby and I noticed she was having difficulty picking up her bags off the couch. So I examined closer and noticed she was only using her right arm, and the left sleeve of her blazer was empty. “A one armed German layer?” I thought. “There has to be a joke in there somewhere.”

When she left, I walked over to my colleague and said, “This is kind of insensitive, but a one-armed German lawyer walks into an office. That has to be the start of a great joke.”

My colleague looked at me blankly and said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “Ms. W. She only has one arm.”

He said, “No she doesn’t.”

I replied, “I saw her struggling with her bags, and then noticed she was only using her right hand to pick them up. Her left sleeve was completely empty.”

He said, “Really?!”

I laughed, “Yes!”

He said, “How could I miss that? Am I that unobservant?”

“Well I could be wrong. Maybe I’m mistaken.” I replied.

He said, “I went to lunch with her two years ago and I distinctly remember her cutting her steak with two hands.”

I replied, “A lot can happen in two years.”

“Oh God!” he yelled.

He paused a minute and asked “How do we find out if she lost her arm? I mean other than emailing her directly? I need to know!”

So I started Googling her full name and adding things like amputee, missing an arm, and shark attack. No results.

We may never find out if I was just seeing things or if it was real, but there has to be a joke in there somewhere. I just can’t seem to work it out.


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