Parkside Pond


Welcome to beautiful Parkside Pond.

Parkside Pond is a magical pond that only surfaces a few times a year.

Currently located at the bustling corner of Parkside and Nostrand in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, it’s a favorite local hangout.

The pond is 5 inches deep where the curb drops off, and has made its way further on to the sidewalk than previous years.

Parkside Pond appeared this Monday, and is still gracing us with its presence.

A few have tried to conquer it, but failed without their rubbers.

Some days motor oil and bits of trash float on the surface. Other days it’s chunks of dirty ice.

Yesterday I saw a three-eyed fish, eating a piece of jerk chicken while swimming in the murky water.

A lovely vacation spot for rats and pigeons alike.

Mystical. Beautiful. Parkside Pond.


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