But Are You Comfortable?


Last week, there was one seat left on the morning train, and I squeezed into it. It was a snug fit, but not terrible. Everyone still had some room to move.

After I sat, I heard two women across from me talking loudly about my decision to slide into the seat.

“Did you see that woman slide back into that seat? What the hell is wrong with people like that? There was barely any room! Congratulations you have a seat, but are you comfortable?”

Wait… What?

I have only been in NYC for 10 years, but I have never considered riding the subway a comfortable endeavor. It’s a service that moves millions of people from one place to another, hopefully as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not a service that aims to make you feel like you are at home, relaxing on the couch. If it was the later, it would cost a hell of a lot more than $2.75.

But back to my sliding into that seat. Yes, I did gain a little comfort by not being on my feet, BUT I also made room for more passengers! Two birds, one stone.

So take that you nosy ladies!

AND… If you just minded your own damn business, I WOULD be truly comfortable.


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