Slow Down, You Move Too Fast.


I was getting off the train in my neighborhood when I saw a woman wearing a beautiful pair of 6 inch heels.

The woman agitated the exiting crowd, as she slowly ascended the stairs; carefully executing each step.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I saw her inching her way down the sidewalk. She was taking baby steps as she tightly clutched her matching handbag.

Wearing flats; I sped past her on my way to the grocery store three blocks away.

At the grocery I needed to pick up garlic minced in water, and after 3 laps around all the aisles, I was having no luck.

The clerk at the store said they were out and awaiting the next shipment. So I picked up a bag of Coleslaw mix, which I still haven’t used, and I waited on-line pondering if I should go down the block to the next grocery store.

I paid in cash for my Coleslaw, and walked home.

As I arrived at my apartment building, I saw the woman with the 6 inch heels slowly arriving at her destination next door. I laughed as I realized it took her just as long to get there as it did for me to go the three blocks and shop for 15 minutes.

Some days I feel like I need to slow down and enjoy life.

Maybe 6 inch heels are the answer.


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