Trash Train


It was a woman with two McDonald’s bags in her hand, making the rustling noise on the train.

I looked up as she stuffed a $1.89 cheeseburger in her mouth. She looked at what was left of the sandwich and tossed it underneath the subway bench.

Next up was a McChicken sandwich; which she finished before she threw its wrapping under the subway bench.

After she wiped her mouth she threw her two empty bags under the bench and started looking at her phone.

A man in a suit turned to her and said, “You know you shouldn’t do that, right?”

She turned and snarled, “I can do it.”

He shook his head saying, “No. You really shouldn’t do that. Wait and throw it away in a trash can.”

“I can do it”, she said as she looked back at her phone.

The man got off the train at Wall Street and the woman continued to Brooklyn with the rest of the bridge and tunnel crowd.

She exited the train at Franklin Avenue and the McDonald’s remnants continued on, under the bench, waiting for someone else to throw it away.

I stared at the trash as I traveled home. Wondering why she didn’t choose a Big Mac.


2 thoughts on “Trash Train

  1. The woman on my train did choose a Big Mac…and I wondered why she didn’t choose a McChicken sandwich.

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