24-Hour News Cycle


If you don’t live in NYC, it could be hard to imagine that most people in the city have gone about their regular lives after the bombing on Saturday night. But it’s true. We have.

This morning I found myself annoyed with the 24-hour news cycle as I walked past the site of the bombing. If you don’t know, I work on 23 Street, less than a block from the site of the explosion.

At 8:00 AM EST, there were a few cops keeping watch, workers trying to replace broken glass at an Orange Theory Fitness, and news vans taking up the rest of what was left on 23 Street between 6 and 7 Avenues. You would have thought with the number of media outlets present that we had breaking news. But there was none. Just highly coiffed anchors hammering away at the same story while New Yorker’s bought Dunkin Doughnuts and pick up their dog’s poop.

So if you find yourself glued to the TV with a bit of heightened anxiety, please know it’s business as usual here.

As some famous man once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

So turn off the news and live your life. We have.

Love from NYC.


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