The Sanctity of Human Life

This is not an article about abortion. It’s about the killing of unarmed American citizens by the police.


Montgomery County, MD Police Chief Tom Manger: Officer Safety Is Very Important, And So Is Everyone Else’s Safety

Wexler:  “Tom, what was your takeaway from the Scotland trip?”

Chief Manger:  “It made me realize a couple of things. One was that our use-of-force training, our defensive tactics training, are so wrapped around one issue—the fear of the gun, and the gun culture we have in the United States—that it permeates everything we do in terms of training. It also made me realize that there are some cultural issues in American policing that we may need to rethink. All of us have heard a sergeant tell us in roll call, “The most important thing is that you go home safe today.” And when you hear that over and over again, it almost gets to the point where we are thinking that our safety is more important than anything else, or that other people’s safety is not as important as ours. In Scotland, the culture is that the police officer’s safety is in fact very important, but it’s no more important than the safety of everybody else among the public. They have this notion of the sanctity of life, which is something that we are talking about more than we did 20 or 30 years ago. I think we’ve got to emphasize to our cops that their safety is important, but so is the safety of the public and the people that they’re dealing with, and our goal should be that everybody goes home safely at the end of the day.”

If you believe that deadly force used against an unarmed citizen is OK, you should read the PERF Guiding Principles.

If you don’t believe that deadly force used against an unarmed citizen is OK, you should also read the PERF Guiding Principles.

THIS publication produced by PERF (Police Executive Research Forum) is perhaps one of the most thought-provoking studies I have read on the topic of police brutality AND police safety. It’s a long read and a bit dry, but a good fact-based alternative to the political leanings and knee jerks of our 24-hour news cycle. It reports on current issues while providing perhaps excellent alternatives to our current policing issues.

There is a great deal of discussion in this publication of recent newsworthy deaths of unarmed citizens and citizens with mental issues. Two examples of situations the publication called out as not handled correctly by local police departments are the deaths of Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland. As a citizen, it gave me some vindication that major police departments were ALSO saying these responses were incorrect.

Maybe you say that these guidelines do not give protection for police officers. But if you read the 100 plus pages, you will see that one of the main threads in the studies performed is police saftey.

Maybe you say, “Well these people should be listening to officer commands or they wouldn’t have died!” This publication addresses this as well and does not put the responsibility on the civilian alone. It puts the responsibility on the police departments for insufficient training.

It crushes me to hear people calling Kaepernick a disgrace for exercising his constitutional rights while staying silent when others are denied their constitutional rights because of the death penalty being inflicted upon them  by law enforcement without due process.

Death IS NOT the punishment for non-violent crimes whether real or perceived!

Upholding the sanctity of human life must be the first priority of our citizens in blue.

Keep putting pressure on the system and save lives. Keep raising your voices.

It would be un-American not to.

The PERF Guiding Principles start HERE on page 34.


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