MedExpress Urgent Care

medexpress-urgent-care-squarelogo-1388697273460On New Year’s Eve I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose.  My mom needed to go to MedExpress Urgent Care as she had been getting progressively sick throughout the week, so I decided to get checked out as well.

They called mine and my mom’s name at the same time and the technician put us both in the same check-in room. She said, “You came in together so I figured you wouldn’t mind being seen together. Are you ok with that?”

We agreed, and took turns in the hot seat, having our vitals taken.

She moved us to the exam room and the physician’s assistant examined my mother first as I sat there. After 10-minutes’ worth of discussion, he sent her for a chest x-ray and examined me. He performed a rapid strep test and did some poking around in my ears, nose, and throat.

Diagnosis: a cold.

When my mom returned from her X-Ray, the PA diagnosed her, and wrote our prescriptions.

As we walked out the door, I joked that they didn’t change the wrinkled exam table paper before I was examined, nor did we get a BOGO on our appointments. But I now know how many daily prescriptions my mother is on and she knows when my last period started, so that $35 co-pay was worth it.