Snow Day

It’s a rare day when NYC schools are closed, but they are today, and my office asked us to work from home.

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I had to take an online sexual harassment/harassment training this morning for work and one of the actors ordered a Filipino Body Waxer at a bar for one of his female co-workers.

The woman in the video, for whom the Filipino Body Waxer was ordered, looked at the bartender and said, “Just give me a chardonnay.” She then sniffed the wine before she swirled it, to show how classy she is compared to this jagoff co-worker, and took a sip before telling her co-worker what a piece of shit he was for continuously treating all the women in the office like pieces of meat and not letting women speak in meetings.

Fuck yeah.

After a quick web search, I can’t find this Filipino Body Waxer alcoholic beverage that the jagoff co-worker ordered, however, I did find THIS article entitled Male model’s career is ruined after his face is injected with WAX by Filipino transgender beautician in botched £8 nose job. 

It’s horrific but worth a click-through.