King Cake Season is Here, But…

I am not from New Orleans and have no official connection to Mardi Gras, but I like to celebrate carnival season. I tell myself that it helps me get through NYC winters and gives me something to look forward to.

Normally I don’t eat king cake until closer to Fat Tuesday, but I may have a hurricane, or three, as the season ramps up to our annual Mardi Gras party. But, as I was inundated with king cake pictures on Instagram this morning, I remembered I am doing a post-holiday Whole30, and there will be no hurricanes until February.


Andy and I spent the day cleaning the apartment and taking down the Christmas decorations, and I could use a festive reward. But, I will have to stick with my noodle-less chicken soup, water, and this annoying SVU marathon that’s on tonight.

If you are celebrating Epiphany, or the start of carnival, have a drink for me!