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I was in a meeting yesterday and the word secession flew out of my mouth when I meant to say succession. Someone in the meeting asked me to explain what I meant and that’s when I realized my error, so I avoided both words when I explained my statement.

Last night when I remembered what I had said, I was mortified.

Apparently, it’s a common grammar mistake, but I had to wrack my brain to figure out why I said it. I know the difference between both words, and even though I mispronounce things from time to time, this felt different. Secession felt familiar like it was waiting on my tongue for the proper moment to jump out of my mouth. And it did. At the wrong time.

While brushing my teeth for bed, I realized why I MAY have used the word secession. I have been listening to a Civil War podcast entitled Uncivil and the words secession and seceded are used over and over again.

Then again, maybe I had no idea what I was saying.

You can check out Uncivil HERE.