Just Bagels

IMG_5299Bagels are one of my favorite foods and back when I ate them, I loved discovering a killer bagel in NYC. When Andy and I started using FreshDirect in the late 2000’s, we ordered two packs of frozen bagels baked by a company in the Bronx called Just Bagels.

We were stunned at how delicious these bagels were. Two of my favorite NYC bagel bakers are Astoria Bagel Company in Queens and The Bagel Pub in Brooklyn, and Just Bagels is right up there with them.

Even though Just Bagels freezes their bagels, when you throw them in the toaster they come out crunchy, chewy, and full of flavor. It’s all about boiling the bagel before you bake it, and if your bagels haven’t been boiled (or steamed), they aren’t worth it. Just Bagels are NYC water bagels that have been boiled, baked, and frozen.

A sleeve of Just Bagels would barely last a weekend in our apartment, and now that Andy is the only one who eats them, they still only last the weekend.

If you live outside of NYC, or if you live in NYC and don’t use FreshDirect, you can order Just Bagels directly from their website. Sometimes it’s nice to leave the house for a Saturday morning bagel and coffee or place an order on Seamless, but we are more than happy to eat some absolutely delicious, frozen, Just Bagels.