Take a Middle Seat?

I am currently sitting in a doctors office waiting to be seen by the doctor. There are six seats, three on either side facing each other in the waiting room.

There were two people waiting to see the doctor when I arrived and they were both sitting in the middle seat in both rows of chairs. One gentleman’s things were spilling over on the chair next to him, so I sat down in one of the end chairs across from the spillage.

Taking the middle seat in a situation like this has always baffled me. I prefer personal space and it makes sense to me to take an end seat and if someone else arrives, they will take the other end. Then if absolutely necessary someone will sit in the middle.

It’s like when you walk into an empty bathroom and choose a stall, and the next person to use the restroom chooses the stall right next to you despite multiple open stalls.

Maybe these folks want to be close to people. Maybe they are lonely and going through something. Maybe I should cut them more slack.

But I won’t.