Unexpected Kindness

subway-doorI was on my way home from work yesterday around 5:15 PM, riding the 4 train. The train was crowded, as per usual, and I was standing near the middle of the subway car with my backpack between my legs on the floor to make space for others.

When the train reaches Fulton Street, about half of the passengers normally exit the train to transfer to another line or NJ Transit. More often than not, this is a time to grab a seat.

During my journey yesterday, only a few people exited and I didn’t get a seat. No big deal.

Two stops later, we were at Bowling Green (the last stop before Brooklyn). Someone tapped me on my shoulder and I swiftly turned around expecting to get angry. It’s weird when people deliberately touch you on the subway.  But, it was an older woman who wanted me to know she had gotten up and that I should take her seat.

It took me a second to realize what was happening, but I quickly yelled “Thank You!” in her direction as she exited the train and I happily took a load off.

What a rare, but lovely moment.