Rude Company

240_F_82333476_6K4xkVPSj7q0QhoK0enUN2vdRmeiBsM7The office building I work out of has a large footprint but it only has six floors. Because of this, and the crappy elevator situation, we get to know our vertical neighbors quite well.

In the morning, there is normally a line of 10-20 people waiting to use the elevators. We represent a wide range of people. From the smelly and unkempt to precision like fashionistas. Straight out of college to longtime VP’s.

Everyone generally gets along, but one of the companies is known around the building as having rude employees. I can attest, through my daily elevator riding, that this is 100% true.

I won’t divulge what company it is or what they do, but because of their product, I am not surprised.

Often I play a little game while waiting for the elevator. I observe the people waiting on line in front of me and determine what floor they will get off of. The following behaviors are dead giveaways for employees of the company I dislike the most:

  1. Digging for their badges in their bags at the check-in holding everyone else up
  2. Looking at their phones and not efficiently moving towards the open elevator door despite the long lines
  3. Cutting the line for the elevator
  4. Not removing backpacks so we can fit more people onto the elevator
  5. Not moving for people who try and enter or exit the elevator from other floors
  6. Not pressing the button for their floor, expecting someone else to do it (even if you don’t work with them)
  7. Dousing themselves in WAY too much perfume or cologne
  8. Being rude to the lobby attendant
  9. Never saying hello to their receptionist after he welcomes them to work in the morning
  10. Being generally unpleasant

When I observe these behaviors, 99% of the time I am right.

I started bringing it up casually to some of my co-worker friends and everyone has said the same thing, “You are right. They are THE WORST.” Now when we ride the elevators together with these monsters (I kid), we exchange knowing looks and it makes us feel better.

I would love to know what they think about us.