Ask Me About My Birkenstocks

Shoes: Arran by Birkenstock

I have owned two pairs of Birkenstock sandals in my life. The first were the Arizona style. The ones you think about when you think about Birkenstock sandals. They were brown leather with two buckles over the top of the foot. Then, last year, I bough a pair of their Mayari style sandals. These were fancier with silver metallic leather straps that cross over the big toe. After wearing them for a whole summer season while also sporting amazing sandals by Dansko, Taos, and Vionic from time to time, I fell madly in love with my Birkenstock sandals.

Over the years my feet have gone from normal to a hot mess. There is an enormous bunion poking off my left foot which has positioned my toes dramatically to the left. On my right foot, I have another bunion, but thankfully it is not as severe. And to top it all off, I have arthritis in my feet.

The podiatrist talked me into buying proper, supportive, non-summer shoes (which I did not have), and I decided to check out Birkenstock for some closed toe shoes.

To my surprise, Birkenstock has stepped up their fashion game and I ended up buying three pairs of shoes. I went a bit crazy and bought two pairs of Dansko shoes as well, but more about that another day.

Every time I wear a pair of my Birkenstock shoes, I get at least one compliment. When I tell the admirer that the shoes are Birkenstock shoes, they don’t believe me.

Consumers still widely think that Birkenstock shoes are sensible, unfashionable shoes for old people or new age hippies. And to be fair, you can still find some of those sensible styles. However, there are now tons of fun, fresh styles to choose from that will keep your feet happy while still looking stylish.

Birkenstock shoes will put you back at least $180, but the investment is worth it. Healthy feet are happy feet!