Grandma the Clown

Andy (my husband) has always held some distain for Grandma the Clown. We have never been to the Big Apple Circus, but the commercials and subway ads were enough to turn him against the locally famous clown. Every time he saw Grandma the Clown he would yell at the tv, “I fucking hate that guy!”

It was reported yesterday that Grandma the Clown left the Big Apple Circus due to sexual misconduct. He admitted to forcing an underage woman to pose for pornographic photos.

Andy gleefully told me the news last night. To be clear he wasn’t condoning the sexual abuse but noting his ability to sense what a scumbag this guy was long before the truth of his character broke in the news.

I have known Andy for 12 years, and he has always carried a deep hatred for three entertainers in particular: Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and Grandma the Clown. Admitting his hatred of the three started long before their sexual abuse allegations went public. The last 12 months have been particularly interesting and Andy’s pride in being able to sniff out sexual abusers has grown.

There are no doubt other famous men that are on his list of hated celebrities, and perhaps this year, he will continue to feel vindicated for trusting his gut.