Baby Yoga Steps

When I started doing hot yoga last September, I thought I’d get bored of doing the same poses for 90-minutes, three times a week.

It was extremely hard a first. My flexibility was awful and my stamina was for shit. Each class fell like I had landed myself in hell and I would lay there and wonder why I was paying to be tortured.

Then slowly, things began to change.

The first milestone was getting through a class without having to take a break. Then, my leg muscles started to tone up. Next thing I knew my posture and balance had improved.

As these improvements continued to reveal themselves, I got hooked.

At the beginning of class I still worry if I am going to make it through, but as the 90-minutes progress, it’s the little wins that keep me going.

Wins like seeing my foot appear above my head in the mirror during standing bow and getting closer and closer to being able to interlock my fingers under my foot for standing head to knee.

Hell, I haven’t been able to touch my toes from a standing position since I was 12 years old, and suddenly my fingers are easily finding their way to the floor.

For over ten years my husband has been telling me to practice yoga and I didn’t listen until a friend pestered me for a over year and I finally caved. It took a free week and a $50 unlimited month to agree to it.

I hate that I waited so long, but I am ecstatic to see progress where I was sure I would never see any improvement for the rest of my life.

Apologies to you both.