Homemade Ranch

After I sold my soul to the Whole30 devil, I found replacements for foods I had given up a long time ago. Ranch dressing was one of those things.

Around 2013 I started having an issue with dairy, so I cut it from my diet the best I could. This early dairy eradication actually helped me adapt more quickly the Whole30 lifestyle because it wasn’t a part of my daily diet.

During my second Whole30 I needed to find something that would satisfy my fast food cravings. Something that would taste like it was bad for me but was within my diet parameters. After trolling Pinterest, I figured ranch dressing would do the trick.

During that specific Whole30, I tried 3 different recipes but THIS recipe by Cassidy’s Craveable Creations took the top prize. It’s really, really good. For over a year now my fridge has been stocked with this delectable dressing.

I took it to the beach house last summer. I add it to recipes that don’t call for ranch dressing. I eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon, or my fingers, in moments of sheer weakness.

Thank you, Cassidy, wherever you are, for your gift of the ranch dressing recipe. It keeps me on track by getting me through my darkest hours.