Time Flies

81y4QXBpfkL._SY679_As I age, I am reminded that the saying “time flies” has some validity. I was hit with this realization last night, through the discovery of some expired products on our liquor shelf.

I am currently getting ready for an annual party we throw at our apartment. We bought the booze this past week and I went through our liquor shelf to get rid of anything we didn’t need anymore, so we could store the two handles of rum we brought home.

There were three unopened bottles of grenadine that I figured could be used for our hurricane punch. I checked the expiration date just to be sure but all three bottles had expired in 2016.

I purchased the bottles of grenadine in 2013 in bulk, because I couldn’t find grenadine in the neighborhood. Grenadine can now be found at the local Key Food so no need to buy in bulk anymore.

As I was dumping the bottles down the sink, the sticky red liquid reminded me of how quickly my life is flying by. I thought about getting excited to drink Shirley Temples while out to dinner as a kid and how adult they made me feel. Eating the maraschino cherry off a blue, mini plastic sword, feeling like a princess.

It’s a 30-year old memory, which to me, means an ancient memory. But, in the grand scheme of the universe, 30 years is just the blink of an eye.

Thank you, grenadine, for that gentle reminder.