Why Now?

Every week I listen to the Hidden Brain podcast produced by NPR. It uses psychology to look at current events and how implicit bias affects us all.

As a woman and someone who worked as an actor on and off for 10-years, I found myself compelled to share this week’s episode rather than prattling on about something else today.

From Hidden Brain’s site:

Nearly a quarter-century ago, a group of women accused a prominent playwright of sexual misconduct. A Boston newspaper published allegations of sexual harassment, unwanted touching and forced kissing. For the most part, the complaints went nowhere.

In 2017, more women came forward with accusations. This time, everybody listened.

On this episode of Hidden Brain, we explore the story through the lens of social science and ask, “Why Now?”

What has changed in our minds and in our culture so that allegations of sexual harassment and assault are being taken so much more seriously than they were in prior decades?

A note for listeners: This story includes descriptions of sexual harassment and assault. It may not be suitable for all listeners.

You can find the podcast HERE