Two Doors

When you are coming in or out of a building and there are two adjacent doors, do you use the one to your right or to your left?

This evening, I was trying to get back into the office building that I work in and it has two doors. I reached for the door on my right and started to enter. Just as I did, 8 people who were leaving the building, walked through the door to their left, the door I was holding.  I had to back up and wait for all of them to exit before I could enter.

This is something I will never understand.

Perhaps this happens because when people see someone opening the door they just walk through the door being opened. However, I wasn’t extending that courtesy and from an efficiency perspective, there are two doors so people can enter and exit at the same time!

As the 8 people walked past me holding the door, none of them thanked me. So I simply yelled, “YOU’RE WELCOME!”, at the group as they gathered on the sidewalk, blocking the pedestrians.

They ignored me.