King Cake

I love king cake!

I’ve have baked a king cake yearly, on and off, since 2006. I find the precarious nature of baking a cake with a bread like consistency challenging and rewarding.

Most of the cakes I have made over the years have been dense and dry, so I abandoned my old recipe for this recipe.

The addition of the sour cream and bread flour makes the cake less dense and easier to handle than other recipes. This recipe is missing cinnamon so I add it to the dough before I stuff it with cream cheese.

I recommend the glaze recipe that comes with the cake recipe which utilizes butter and fresh squeezed lemon juice, which balances the sweetness and compliments the cream cheese.

Someone commented on the original recipe that you are not supposed to spread the cream cheese out on the dough as the recipe calls for, that it’s supposed to be spread in a straight line and then rolled. I finally did that this year and the cream cheese filling came out intact instead of absorbed into the bread.

Every year, a good deal of cake is leftover after our party. But ever since I switched to this recipe, it gets gobbled up and I get to watch our guests stuff multiple pieces in their mouth throughout the day.

It’s all very satisfying.