K-Town Karaoke


Singing has officially been a part of my life since I was in second grade.

Since I have stepped away from the theater to work an office job, most people I surround myself with on a daily basis don’t know I can sing. We had a karaoke work outing on Thursday, and now my co-workers know my secret.

It’s a fun little secret to reveal when the time is right.

But enough about me! What I really want to call attention to is all of the awesome karaoke lounges here in NYC, especially in K-Town.

Growing up, karaoke was this thing people did in a smoky bar in front of strangers. Sometimes it was fun, but mostly it wasn’t.

Enter my NYC K-Town karaoke experience.

It’s a 14-year old concept to me now, but the ability to book a room in a karaoke joint for you and your friends to geek out in private is amazing. You push a button and someone comes and brings you food and drinks. There are tons of songs to pick from and for about $10 an hour (per person, including drinks) you can have a kick-ass time.

My co-workers and I sang for almost 5-hours on Thursday night until they literally kicked us out of the room. We may have stayed a bit over our allotted time…

The best part about doing karaoke this way is, even if you can’t sing, you can have a blast. If you want to impress the crowd, each of these karaoke joints has a main bar where you can sing in front of strangers, old school style. But, if you want to experiment, be silly, sing off-key, and just let it all hang out, a private karaoke room in K-Town is the place to be.