Grocery Woes

Shopping for groceries in NYC is kind of a pain in the ass. Stores are tiny, aisles are tight, and prices are high. If you are looking to buy a weeks worth of groceries in person, it’s generally going to be a painful effort.

Today I went to do my weekly shopping. I bounce between a few stores in my neighborhood, depending on what I need that week. This week I needed nice brussel sprouts and light tasting olive oil so I needed to hit up the Key Food on Nostrand and Winthrop.

This store is moderate size but they don’t believe in re-stocking while the store is closed. I am sure there is a reason for this, and my guess is it’s because there is no room to store the shipments they receive so they stock the shelves as they receive the shipments.

Because of this, when I shop there, the aisles are constantly packed with workers and their rolling carts filled with merchandise. When you approach them and try and pass they get annoyed. Sometimes they won’t move, and you have to turn around and approach the aisle from the other side of the store. It’s maddening.

The one thing this Key Food has going for it is most everything on the shelves is not expired. One of the stores I frequent has expired items on the shelves that are over two years expired, so you have to check every package before putting it in your cart. Last week I needed bread flour and the only package they had expired that very day, so I bought it to save myself from having to stop at another store, and threw the excess away.

We used to live near a large aka normal grocery store and I miss it sometimes.

But to be honest, there were some really annoying things about that store as well.