Hair Touching

I am convinced that you see the craziest shit on the NYC subways on Saturdays.

Yesterday, there was a man riding with his 2-year-old daughter, who had the curliest blonde hair. He was standing and she was sitting next to two Carribean women who were talking to her and entertaining her.

Then, out of nowhere, a woman ran towards the child. She pushed the father aside and touched the kid’s hair.  And if that wasn’t creepy enough, she then foisted her own hair at the child and tried to force the child to touch her hair.

The woman was in her 30’s. She looked like it was the 1960’s and she had just walked out of her Village apartment she had been squatting in. Her hair was like a rats nest; huge, dry, and dirty. She most likely high as her pupils were as large as saucers and the skin on her face and hands was covered in dirt.

The appearance of the woman wasn’t so strange in NYC, but her reaching her filthy hands toward the little kid and then shaking her unkempt hair at the child, was creepy.

She got close enough to touch her hair to touch the child’s hair and I immediately imagined lice jumping.

The father didn’t know what to do. He was in shock.

No one knew what to do.

Everyone watched in horror.

The child wasn’t interested in this interaction so she turned to look out the window. The woman took the kid’s cue and sat down across from the child and stared at the child, trying to engage her.

I couldn’t watch this scene anymore so I started talking to my friend who was on the subway with me. Then, before I knew it, the woman was gone.

Just another Saturday riding the NYC subway.