Paleo Pancakes

I had a hankering for pancakes this morning but I try to follow a pretty strict Whole30 diet, which means no pancakes.

When I want to treat myself I generally drop a bomb on my whole foods diet, but if I want to at least try not to ruin everything, I reach for something that’s Paleo. Not wanting to blow my diet to smithereens, I decided to try THIS plantain pancake recipe from Living Loving Paleo.

Most Paleo pancakes are easy to make and I find I have the most success with recipes that use green plantains as a base. The recipe from Living Loving Paleo is the best one I have come across. The batter was thick and not full of coconut oil, which most recipes rely on. Once in the pan, the pancakes were easy to flip and didn’t stick to the pan.

I topped mine with some Earth Balance (non-paleo) and Square Deal Farm maple syrup (100% Paleo!) the best-damned maple syrup out there!

Cheat days are my favorite!