I have bunions. The bunion on my left foot is worse than the one on my right foot. My mother has bunions, so I am not surprised that I have them now too.

What has surprised me is that my husband has developed them as well.

He and I were laying in bed last night and talking about our bunions, as you do. The discussion got interesting when he thinks his bunion issue started. He realizes now that his countless theater performances may be the culprit.


When you perform (esp. non-union), you sometimes have to wear your own character shoes or the theater provides you with cheap footwear. He is convinced that his bunions are the product of years of wearing unsupportive shoes during theater productions, and I am in agreement.

Most of my career was spent in cheapish women’s character shoes, which have heels and pointy toes.  Hours of rehearsals and performances have led to foot pain and busted up feet. Just looking at those $25 t-strap character shoes gives me PTSD.

When I was acting, I couldn’t afford $200-$300 LaDuca character shoes that may have provided more support, or better yet, custom LaDuca shoes that fit my feet properly. The joke’s on me, however, as my feet are now so bad that I have to wear shoes that cost at least $100 a pair.

So many people have bunions that it’s not a travesty, but I wish I would have known about proper foot care when I was in my teens and 20’s.

Sometime to make myself feel better, I Google “famous people with bunions”, and it always makes me feel better. THIS particular blog is giving me life right now.