Missed Connection

New York is a big city, but you run into people you know, more often than you would think.

Tonight, I was heading to the train from my yoga class and I saw two people I knew from my past, waking towards Fifth Ave. We caught each others glances too late, and all kept on going.

Thank goodness.

It’s not that I didn’t want to talk to these folks, it’s just, I wanted to get home and have dinner.

But really, I haven’t spoken to these people face to face since 2006. I wasn’t interested in answering questions like: “How have you been? What are you up to? How is Andy?” All of the surface chit chat that comes along with these unplanned meetings that you, or they, really don’t give two hoots about.

Then the above questions are ALWAYS followed by a, “We should really get together sometime!”, and then you never do.

And I mean, never.

Because you really don’t want to.

One of the reasons I hate these chance encounters is social media. When people see you on social media, they feel like they know you after all of these years and feel obligated to stop and chat when they see you in-person. But the reality is, we don’t know each other anymore. Our only commonalities are that we live in NYC, we worked together a long time ago, and we both have Facebook accounts.

If over the years we had stayed in-touch, perhaps it would have been a joyous reunion. But, in reality, our friendship was a blip on the radar of life, so let’s not try and force it. Especially when dinner is waiting.

I hope the best for these folks, however, fingers crossed to avoiding them for another 13 years.