The Girl Next Door

Our next door neighbors are from one of the countries that our president allegedly referred to as a “shit hole” country. They are immigrants and have been our neighbors since we moved into our apartment and they have been fantastic neighbors.

A few weeks ago I saw the whole family coming back from church. I knew they had a few kids but I didn’t realize they had 5 kids, which means that there are 7 people living in their one bedroom apartment.

The walls of our apartment are thick so we don’t often hear our neighbors. However, when I leave the apartment I can hear the kids next door going about the day to day business of being kids.

Their youngest child, who I think is 2 years old, now has a habit of yelling, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” when I come and go from the apartment. She sounds so excited as I lock or unlock my apartment door, not realizing that it’s not her daddy.

Hopefully she doesn’t get too sad when she realizes he isn’t home, as I quite enjoy the welcome that isn’t meant for me. And for my sake, I hope she doesn’t grow out of it anytime soon.