At Any Cost?

There was a situation at work today where an external party pointed out a lack of diversity in an event we have coming up and we were forced to change the lineup of speakers with a week left of rehearsals.

I appreciate the feedback but I am still pondering the knee jerk reaction of throwing someone into the mix last minute to save face. Is it really fixing things?

A few days ago I wrote about my feelings on adding someone to a speaking roster as an afterthought to make something more diverse. This person comes in at a disadvantage because they do not have the same amount of prep time as their counterparts. This doesn’t mean they won’t be successful, it just means that all barriers haven’t been broken for this person and this person is generally a minority in the workplace or their field.

We were all taught a valuable lesson today, however, I am not sure if our reaction to the feedback was correct.

Maybe it would be best to take the feedback and change our strategy moving forward. Maybe throwing a woman on the talk with a week to go is the best idea.

We won’t know until after the event happens next week.

Striving for a more diverse business world is messy and daunting at times but, I am glad the conversations are being had because it means things are changing.

Slowly but surely.