Slow Down

The snow forecast for tomorrow sounds awful and I have already planned not to go into work.

A friend came to visit me at an event I was helping to host at work. The line for wine was so long that we grabbed an extra bottle in the pantry, two wine glasses, and some the snacks before heading to my desk to wait for the crowds to die down.

The snow wasn’t supposed to start for a while so we stayed until after midnight laughing and catching up.

I have had quite a few nights like this in NYC. A pending snow storm is on its way and everything seems to slow down. Mostly everyone realizes that there is no rush to get anywhere because you will basically be inside your home for the next 24-hours. So it’s a chance to savor the moments with your friends or colleagues and not be rushing off to the next place, which is often not the case as a New Yorker.

Tonight, I was thankful for that chance.