Wall Tea

Our apartment flooded on Tuesday due to an issue in an apartment 3 floors up from ours. We weren’t home when it happened, so we missed the excitement of the water running down our walls but we saw the aftermath.

The damage isn’t so bad that we need to upend our lives, but we have a bit of cleaning ahead of us and some personal items were ruined.

The unfortunate thing about these water episodes (this is our second) is that it leaves these brownish red stains on our walls. Our building is almost 90 years old and when the water leaks down the walls it picks up decades worth of dirt and dust and leaves it stained on the wall.

Andy calls it wall tea.


Hopefully we can get the walls painted soon but there is no promise that it will cover the stains. The stains we found in the kitchen after another incident are still there, hidden by a large kitchen utensil holder.

Hopefully this is the last timer get water damage, but with the age of the building and the ownership being more reactive than proactive with maintenance, who knows.

The joys of pre-war apartment living.