Filthy AF

The outside of our apartment windows were dirty when we moved in. We moved in December 31, 2012 and we haven’t cleaned them once.The windows haven’t gotten any dirtier, however the dirt may have just accumulated slowly, so we never really noticed the difference. The windows don’t adjust in to clean, so we have to pay someone to hang out of the windows and clean them. That seems like a lot of work.

For a long while, I was embarrassed about my dirty windows. I found myself apologizing to my friends for the dirt before they noticed it and had the chance to judge me silently. After a while, that embarrassment went away.

As I was in yoga class tonight, I noticed that the studio windows were filthy as well. Then I thought about my workplace, and same thing, filthy windows. Subway windows, also filthy.

I look out of a lot of filthy windows in New York City during my day and I never really thought about it. Perhaps if I could see through clearer windows, I would enjoy my views more. But if I could, I would realize that the whole damn city is filthy af.