Sour Cherry

Andy has been working near By The Way Bakery for the past few days and it’s one of my favorite spots for treats in NYC. Normally I try to stick to a modified Whole30 lifestyle, but I decided I wanted a treat this weekend so I asked him to pick me something up. I armed him with a list of my top 5 choices.

I have actually never stepped through their doors but friends have brought me treats in the past and I have been known to walk out of Whole Foods with a slice or two of their cakes.

What makes BTW Bakery special is that they specialize in GF and DF treats. I have dietary issues with both gluten and dairy and their baked goods are the best I have had that accommodate a GF/DF lifestyle. Their coconut cloud cake is the second most amazing cake I’ve had, next to Prantl’s burnt almond torte. In fact, I have not had anything from BTW Bakery that was less than exceptional.

Yesterday, I was out with a friend and Andy text that he had made it back to the Nevins stop in Brooklyn before he remembered that I had asked for a treat. Then, just like the amazing husband he is, he turned around and went back to the Upper East Side for my treats.

I thought his trek back to the UES was completely unnecessary, and I felt a bit guilty about it. But as I took a bite of that sour cherry coffee cake, my heart exploded with love and thankfulness for having him in my life.

I am a very lucky lady.