Melon Slicer

I saw this melon slicer in the window of a discount store on 46 Street in Manhattan.

It’s built like a huge apple slicer but is it really meant to go through a whole melon? Sometimes my apple slicer has a hard time gong through a whole apple and it’s made of stainless steel.

Also, why is it coring the damn thing? Watermelons don’t have cores and you are left with a long tube of melon. What do you do with that tube? Cut it into watermelon coins?

Then what about cantaloupes? They have seeds in the center that could be “cored” I suppose, but that circle in the middle isn’t large enough to get rid of all of the seeds in a cantaloupe, so you will still have to use a knife. So what’s the point?

Just buy a freaking knife!