The Subway Singer

Last night I was on my way home from dinner at a friend’s house and there was a man on the train singing his favorite songs in full voice. The man, from what I believe is on the spectrum, and his singing was short bursts of melody with indecipherable lyrics.

People were laughing at his tenacity and some straphangers sang along with him. By the end of my commute, most people who at some point were freaked out, started singing along and others were dancing.

As soon as people realized this guy may have an issue but he wasn’t dangerous, people relaxed and enjoyed the oddity.

I just stepped onto a 5 train on my way to a wedding photo consultation and the same guy is on my train again. He is sitting in the corner and rapping his face off.

And I mean rapping like his life depends on it.

No one else is paying him any mind, but I am smiling ear to ear because I know his capabilities.

He united and entertained an entire subway car last night.

That’s real talent.